Touchstone Energy's official partner for branded prepaid card solutions

  • Increase brand attribution and the program halo effect.
  • Eliminate unclaimed property and escheatment issues.
  • Dramatically reduce cost to serve.
  • Included in your Touchstone membership at no additional cost.

The Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Payments Program allows you to put your brand front and center for all of your payment needs. Manage your program and employee incentives, refunds, capital credit returns, and event giveaways all in one easy to use solution and earn a rebate to support the programs that are so important to your community.


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Built with you in mind.

A branded prepaid card solutions built from the ground up entirely for the needs of electric cooperatives. 


Increase brand attribution

Delight your members by offering them payments in the form they most prefer. Bill credits, paper checks and other traditional payment methods are expensive and utterly forgettable. 


Drive down cost to serve

A full featured, digital first, all-in-one disbursements platform that's already included in the cost of your Touchstone membership. No more costly check printing. No more postage for payments to members. 


Eliminate escheatment

Unclaimed property issues are complicated, time consuming, and expensive. They require countless staff hours and frustrate everyone involved. Our solution ends tracking and reporting uncashed checks. Forever.

A suite of tools at your disposal

A comprehensive disbursement toolbox, included with your Touchstone membership. A simple, intuitive interface. Task notifications and reminders that are useful, not annoying. Extensive configurability. Workflow and approval support.

Send a payment to one recipient.

  • Fast and secure way to send single payments.
  • Configurable email templates.
  • Manager approval and workflow support.

Send many recipients payments.

  • Easy intuitive interface.
  • Support for multiple programs in one file.
  • In-line error correction.


Payment support.

  • Simple, powerful search tools.
  • Straightforward status indicators.
  • Resend payments instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

To get started, complete the form located here:

Once you have completed the form, Choice Digital will initiate the setup process and you will receive mockups to approve within 3-5 business days.

Once mockups are approved, they are sent to the card network and issuing bank for final approval before is goes to production to complete the setup process.

The initial setup process from form completion to cards being ready to go typically takes about 4 weeks.

We have seen a wide variety of uses for branded payments.  Some of the examples are below:

Promotional and Incentive Payments

  • Program Incentives
  • Employee Incentives
  • Youth Tour
  • Events
  • Holiday Gifts

Disbursement Payments

  • Capital Credit Returns
  • Deposit and Prepaid Account Returns

Since we launched this partnership officially in the first quarter of 2023, we have seen an incredible amount of interest.  

We currently have over 40 Touchstone Energy members that have either completed the setup process or are finishing up the setup process now.  This number continues to grow every week and we have been very grateful for the partnership from each and every one of them.

Touchstone Energy is covering all of the costs that Choice Digital normally charges so that this is a free service available to Touchstone Energy members.  This includes things like setup fees, ongoing support fees, postage, and processing.

The only exception to this is for ACH and Check payments, which have a fee of $3 per payment.

Choice Digital offers the following payment methods:

  • Branded physical prepaid cards
  • Branded digital prepaid cards
  • Merchant Cards (i.e. Amazon, Home Depot, etc)
  • Checks*
  • ACH*

*Fees may apply to these payment methods


A volume rebate is calculated and paid directly by Touchstone Energy to participating Touchstone Energy members.  This is based on a combination of the types of payments being sent and the annual volume being sent.  Touchstone Energy will send funds for the volume incentive through your preferred payment method.

Only branded physical and digital prepaid card payments qualify as part of this calculation.

For more information on the structure of this volume rebate, email or

Payments can be ordered to be shipped individually (i.e. you order 20 cards to be mailed to 20 different addresses) or as a bulk shipment (i.e. you order 20 cards to be mailed together to one address).

For additional personalization, there are a couple areas that can be customized for each order.

  • Carrier Message - this is printed on the carrier that physical prepaid cards are affixed to.  You can specify different messages to be printed for each card you order individually.  There is a character limit of 80 for this.

  • Card Message - this is printed on the actual physical card below where the name is printed.  Similar to the carrier message, you can specify a different message to be printed on each card within your order.  There is a character limit of 21 for this.

  • Carrier Bottom Third - for programs that you are ordering more regularly, there are additional customization options available on the bottom third of the carrier.  This space is relatively free form with many options so if this of interest, please let the Choice Digital team know and they can work up a design with you.

Carrier Personalization:
FAQ 8 - Carrier Customization

Card Personalization:
FAQ 8 - Card Personalization


Cards can be ordered as personalized meaning there is a name printed on the card, or as non-personalized meaning there is a generic "Card Recipient" printed on the card where the name is typically printed.

Through our Touchstone Energy partnership, there is no minimum order quantity.  You will have the ability to order one payment at a time or multiple payments at a time, whatever your specific needs are.

Payments can be ordered in any amount between $.01 and $100,000.


Once you have been setup in our system, you will have access to our Client Portal which is where you will place your orders.  The process is as follows:

  • Order placed in the Client Portal
  • Invoice sent to designated co-op contacts for the amount of the payment order
  • Funds sent to Choice Digital for the amount of the invoice (check, ACH, or wire)
  • Payments sent for processing and delivery


From the time that Choice Digital receives the funds for an order, it takes 5-10 business days for physical payments to be delivered.  Digital payments are delivered the same day that funds are received.

For promotional and incentive payments, the initial expiration date on the cards is 6 months from the date that the card is issued.  Cards can be requested to be reissued for their full remaining balance for the 6 months that follow that initial expiration period.

For disbursements (i.e. capital credit returns, deposit returns, etc), the initial expiration date on the cards is 24 months from the date that the card is issued.  Cards can be requested to be reissued at any time there is a remaining balance.  An inactivity fee of $5.95 per month is charged any time there is 6 consecutive months of no activity on a card.  That inactivity period resets any time there is any activity on the card however.

The cards are not reloadable meaning once a card has been ordered, no additional funds can be added.

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